Bicycle Parking


Keep It Close By

Put your bike where you can get to it fast. Thieves like to steal bikes whose owners are far away. 

Know Where to Park – Bike Racks

Look for thick, immovable bicycle racks installed outside of many buildings. Some building owners and local governments have provided ribbon-shaped racks and inverted U-shaped racks, which are very secure places to park your bike.  Parking Garage Scout 8.6.15 (6)


Park Indoors

A good way to avoid theft: park your bike indoors. Some stores and buildings allow bikes inside, if only for a short time. When parking indoors, lock your bike securely. 

Not Recommended – Sign Poles or Trees

Sign poles aren’t the best places to lock your bike. Before locking to a pole, check whether you can pull it out of the ground. Also check how easily a thief could remove the sign and slide your bike over the top of the pole. Locking a bike to a tree can hurt even large trees if the bark is damaged; please be kind to our trees and find another place to lock up.