South County Bike Routes

BR_000  Routes are marked with signage as shown.  For a pdf copy of the map, please click here.


BR – Bridges

A 30 mile ride runs over 13 bridges in the Punta Gorda area including a round trip over beautiful Charlotte Harbor

TG – Tropical Gulf

A 31 mile ride runs south to the Webb-Babcock National Wildlife Refuge and back to historic Downtown Punta Gorda

PG – Punta Gorda

A 17 mile ride runs west from Downtown Punta Gorda through the beautiful Punta Gorda Isles neighborhood, then east past Florida SouthWestern State College, and back Downtown.

WL – Washington Loop

A 30 mile ride runs east from downtown past the Punta Gorda Airport on a scenic route in the countryside around Washington Loop Rd and Riverside Dr.