New Trail Watch Program

Punta Gorda Police Launch Trail Watch Program


April 11, 2016Trail Watch Logo

The Punta Gorda Pathways is a system of approximately 18 miles of Bicycle and Pedestrian Trails and Paths that connect the City’s neighborhoods, parks, and commercial areas. The most frequently used by pedestrians and cyclists are the Harborwalk, Linear Trail, and Shreve Street MURT shown on the map below in blue, yellow and pink.

In the interest of keeping the pathways safe and well-maintained, Chief Thomas Lewis has developed the Punta Gorda Trail Watch Program. This extension of the department’s Neighborhood Watch Program will educate and support volunteers who will promote safety and appropriate trail use by providing information and assistance to all Punta Gorda Pathway users.

Trail Watch is a volunteer program in which cyclists, runners, and walkers help promote public safety and assist the City in monitoring the trails. Volunteers are identified by a brightly colored shirt. They serve as “extra eyes and ears” on the trails. Trail Watch volunteers report safety hazards and suspicious activity. Trail Watch volunteers must be 18 years of age. They will not be asked to intervene in potentially dangerous situations, only report them.

Citizens interested in joining the Trail Watch program can read more information and fill out a short application at, under the tab “Trail Watch”, or contact Lieutenant Katie Heck at (941) 575-5525.

Prepared by:

Lieutenant Katie Heck

Punta Gorda Police Department

(941) 575-5525